Cousland Review of 2016 request for permissions to publish

To all villagers & friends of Cousland. I produced a wee slide show last December as a village review and it was shown once at a cafe. A number of folk have missed it and also others asked to be able to send it to relatives abraod for instance...........thing is there are lots of villagers pictured in the programme, at Village Day, Cleanup etc. that I don't want to put it up on Facebook or publish a link without permissions. There is nothing controversial in it but I appreciate that some people wouldn't like themselves on the web. It is difficult to know if you haven't seen it, but most of the images have already been published as records of events throughout the year. This brings them all together, and folks can choose whether to send the link on or not. Please let me know if you might have specific objection to being 'on the web' and I will remove the image from the show. Thanks Sheena

This article was published on: Sunday, February 19, 2017