Updating Cousland's Community Plan

The process of updating Cousland's Community Plan is underway!

Cousland Community Plan was published in 2014 (after consultations carried out in 2012/13) and it runs until 2019.

The existing plan can be seen through the following link:


Gordon Brown and Kathleen Donald will be leading the process of consulting our community about future aspirations for Cousland; as a start, a survey of housing likes and needs has recently been carried out.

If you'd like to be involved, please let Gordon or Kathleen know. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

It is our intention to continue to consult people in a range of ways and on a range of issues and give feedback on progress made to date. We hope to present our initial findings as a series of key points at the next CVHA AGM, early in 2018.

Following that, there will be opportunity for all residents to make further comments and help us to shape the next Cousland Community Plan, ready for the next round of Community Council and Midlothian Council plans.

Your assistance in this process is valued. We'll try not to make any questionnaires too onerous.


This article was published on: Friday, April 07, 2017