No plans for BT Fibre Broadband

From Colin Beattie MSP who has been lobbying BT on the Village's  behalf

Unfortunately the recent update I have received has no change to the previous status.

Fibre Broadband

Dalkeith exchange and cabinet 7 which serve this area were upgraded to deliver fibre broadband as part of our commercial roll out.

I’ve checked with our project manager for the latest information, and unfortunately the situation has not changed. I’m sorry, but currently there’re no fibre build plans for the Coulston area, and residents may need to investigate other options as a community.

Community Fibre Partnerships (CFP)

We're committed to working with communities/business groups to find a fibre solution and our CFP scheme is designed to enable this. These are likely to be the few percent of remaining UK premises that are unlikely to be covered by private commercial or public plans.

A CFP is where we work with a local group – this could be the residents of a rural village/urban area or a block of flats in a city centre or even a group of business owners in an industrial park. There usually needs to be a joint funding arrangement, where we cover the costs in line with our commercial model used throughout the country and the community/ business group have the option to self-fund the remaining gap.

We always look for solutions to be as affordable as possible. Currently over 300 communities/business groups across the UK have signed up for a solution covering nearly 50,000 premises. This is helping us to deliver fibre broadband sooner than otherwise would have been possible.

Our ambition is to ‘never say no’ and if the local community/business group are interested in this option then they can find more information and register on our website below:


While I’m sorry we’re unable to offer an immediate solution for constituents in Cousland, I hope my response assures him of our commitment to try and find solutions so that we can bring high-speed broadband to as many premises across Scotland as we can.

I will continue to monitor the situation with the various organisations to see if any opportunities may arise.

Colin Beattie MSP

This article was published on: Thursday, October 19, 2017