Cousland Village Youth Club

Cousland Village Youth Club meets at the Village Hall between 6.30– 7.45pm on Wednesday evenings during term time. The cost is £1 per session (extra for tuck shop if desired).

The Youth Club has been running for around 25 years, presently under the watchful eye of Tracy Yoxall, Judith Hawthorne and Eileen Busson as well as our invaluable parent helpers.  As a voluntary group, all parents are asked to help on the parental rota.

Currently Tracy, Judith and Eileen share the weekly rota with parental help and additional support from Lorraine Chapman.

Our members enjoy many activities from swimming at the local pool at Dalkeith Campus, guest visits, crafts, movies, dance, fruit juice cocktails and much more.

All leaders are disclosure checked as suitable to work with children


All children and young people who live in and around Cousland are welcome to come along.

Contact: Tracy Yoxall 07403318395, Judith Hawthorne 07976657968 or Eileen Busson  07851297142 for further information.

We also organise events such as Summer Party, Halloween Party, Christmas Party and an annual  trip to Brunton Theatre to see the Pantomime…”Oh yes we do!”